About Us

The Company

SchoolBrains is built by Aptium LLC, a Massachusetts-based company. Aptium LLC was founded in 2003 by Robert C. Pemberton, who has more than 20 years experience developing innovative enterprise business solutions including financial management, human capital (HR and payroll), manufacturing and customer relationship management. Rob left his corporate role as Vice President of Research and Development at a large, publicly held enterprise software provider to create a company with a focus on building entirely new software solutions that provide organizations with web-based, highly adaptive hosted solutions that give them the highest value possible.

With SchoolBrains, Rob wanted to take what he had learned in the business world and apply it to education – specifically, he wanted to get the right information to the right people in a timely and meaningful way. He wanted to build an integrated solution that was easy to use and valuable to all constituents – teachers, students, administrators, parents and the entire community. He wanted use his experience and skills and apply them in a way that could make a positive impact on students’ learning experience and overall academic performance. That was Rob’s vision when he started the company, and with the release of SchoolBrains in 2005, that objective is rapidly being realized.