Testing & Performance Assessment

SchoolBrains:TPA™ brings testing and performance assessment to K-12 educators through a secure, convenient Web-based solution that facilitates better, quicker data-driven decision making at the district level and in the classroom. SchoolBrains:TPA gives teachers and administrators the tools they need to track, manage, analyze and improve both student performance and AYP results.

Create and Deliver Testing Content

SchoolBrains:TPA allows educators to build, deploy, and analyze their own assessments to envision new approaches to classroom learning. Educators can build district-wide benchmark assessments or classroom-level formative assessments that pave the way for improved student achievement. With a full range of options for testing deployment, educators can administer their tests online or in hard-copy format. Paper tests are printed to a clean PDF format, with automatically generated bar codes included for scanning.

Analyze Data Quickly and Intuitively

SchoolBrains:TPA includes a powerful, easy-to-use visual testing analysis (VTA) tool that brings the full potential of formative assessment to life. Within a few clicks, users can break down district and school performance on tests, individual questions, individual standards, and much more. Import results on mandated statewide assessments and benchmark tests to paint a complete picture of your district’s data, right down to the student level. Student profile pages pull together all past results on a single page for at-a-glance viewing of student performance over time.

Integration with SchoolBrains:SIS™

SchoolBrains:TPA is optimized for performance with its sister product, SchoolBrains:SIS™. The power of formative assessment and data analysis can be combined with our comprehensive student information system, enabling users to turn to a single location for all data pertaining to the district. Save time and money while exceeding your district’s educational goals.

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