School districts can best serve their students when they are able to direct and follow the success of individual students over time. SchoolBrains™ helps to automate and facilitate this undertaking by connecting the development, production, analysis, storage and printing of education plans in a single easy-to-use interface.

Achieve Compliance

SchoolBrains education plans help districts to comply with mandated regulatory requirements by assisting educators in developing and maintaining required education plans for each student. Generate plans as often as desired to track progress and set new goals.

Exceed Expectations

SchoolBrains also helps to go beyond regulations by giving teachers and educators the advanced tools needed to rapidly and accurately analyze student performance. With shared utilization of the information on a student’s education plan, districts can expect more informed instruction, curriculum and remediation.

Develop and Customize Plans

No two districts are alike, and no two districts will want to evaluate the same criteria on their education plans. Administrators on a SchoolBrains system enjoy the flexibility to change not only the text and options on their plans, but even the types of plan items – use check boxes, text fields, or whatever you see fit. Templates can be tailored to your district within this broad framework.

Integration with SchoolBrains™ Modules

SchoolBrains education plans are optimized for performance with SchoolBrains:SIS™, placing student data onto education plans automatically. The power of a full student information system enables users to turn to a single location for all data pertaining to the district. Use this power to connect your education plan system with SchoolBrains™ Special Education for even more efficiency in the realm of student performance.

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