SchoolBrains™ Nursing and Health enables health professionals to manage all aspects of student and staff health needs. Nurses have complete access to patient health records 24×7

Manage Visits

Nurses can easily schedule and record visits of all kinds on a dynamic calendar that offers a quick view of how time is spent at each health office. Each student’s visit record includes ample space for notes and professional comments.

Manage New Vaccines and Exemptions

A changing world in health care demands software that lets users keep up with new state regulations for immunization. With SchoolBrains, it’s easy for school health professionals to add and track new vaccines while maintaining all records associated with older methods of disease prevention. When the rule doesn’t quite fit, add preset exemptions to a student to explain why.

Coordinate Health Efforts District-Wide

Health administrators can use SchoolBrains to set disease information and immunization requirements for use by health office staff at every school in the district. SchoolBrains automatically accounts for multiple age and grade immunization requirements as defined by the state, with the ability to break down requirements according to each necessary dose.

Stay on Top of Immunization Requirements

With your immunization requirements in place, go to the next level and ensure that your students have received the proper mandated doses. SchoolBrains includes a number of robust reporting tools that allow you to see instantly what stands between your students and compliance. Track dates, diseases, and any issues, and export your findings to Excel for external analysis.

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