Getting off to the right start with any new system is crucial to success. We support your new system and operational goals with a world class training team to get you up and running quickly.

Education and Training

We offer a variety of education and training programs for SchoolBrains. In addition to solution-specific training, SchoolBrains offers customized courses tailored specifically to each customer. Classes range from helping your administrative team understand the value of a integrated student information system to helping your teachers learn how to maximize their use of our solutions for the highest positive impact on your district.

The best way to fully utilize all the capabilities found within our solutions is to provide them with excellent solutions education. Our training courses give your staff a thorough understanding of how the product works – and insight into the most efficient and effective ways to use the system. We provide instruction with the goal of helping each and every client to get the most value out of their investment in our solutions. People who attend our training classes leave with increased productivity in their job and confidence regarding the system as well as feeling more empowered regarding their work. We offer a range of training options so customers can choose what best suits their needs.

On-site Training Classes

We conduct customized training programs for customers who prefer to hold personalized, company-customized classes. These courses are designed specifically to meet the customer’s unique requirements and are a great way for companies to jump-start usage of SchoolBrains. These classes typically run for 3 to 5 days, and are conducted live, either in-person or over the Internet, depending upon the client’s requirements.

Classroom Training

We hold courses on a periodic basis at various locations throughout North America, depending on customer requirements. Courses are led by expert instructors and utilize proven curriculum. Customers will also have the opportunity for hands-on work throughout the course.