SchoolBrains offers a complete Massachusetts State Reporting solution for SIMS and EPIMS reports.

SchoolBrains is for schools serious about seamless, on-time reporting. We can save you time, money and improve efficiencies by automating and simplifying the DOE’s reporting requirements. SchoolBrains supports Massachusetts’s public education system to help districts become more evidence-based where progress toward instructional goals is measured & monitored.

The Massachusetts DESE recognizes SchoolBrains as the First MA SIF Certified Vendor

Boston, MA – April 19, 2013 — SchoolBrains, the Massachusetts-based vendor specializing in advanced solutions, was notified today by the Executive Office of Education that they are the first and as of press time, the ONLY Massachusetts SIS vendor to be MA SIF Certified.

DESE’s Ryan Van is the SIF Help Desk Support Lead and commented: “I would like to proudly inform everybody that after all the hard work and effort from both ends, Aptium LLC or ‘SchoolBrains’, has… successfully completed all of our Massachusetts test scripts… I am happy to say they are our first official vendor to get certified.”

SchoolBrains’ president and founder Robert Pemberton, stated in a press conference on Friday, “We are thrilled that SchoolBrains is the first SIS vendor in Massachusetts to become MA SIF certified. Our dedication to this project exemplifies our commitment to the priorities of our school district partners. SchoolBrains’ close affiliation with DESE is just another way we dedicate ourselves to improving data collection capabilities for our schools.”

Foxborough Regional Public Charter School’s Heidi Berkowitz, manager of SIF Data collections says: “We are very happy to be the first school district reporting to the state via SIF. This will save us countless hours of administrative time that we can now devote to improving student achievement. It’s terrific that Schoolbrains has put so much effort behind this project. The SchoolBrains team has been great to partner with.”

SchoolBrains offers:

• Easy to use Massachusetts-specific edit screens
• Predefined pick lists for quick selection of State required codes.
• Import routine for student State Identification (SID) numbers.
• SIMS, SCS, EPIMS SR and WA Reports.
• State and federal reporting forms including:

  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
  • NCLB Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
  • Special Education Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Special Education 504 Accommodation Plans
  • Educational Quality and Accountability (EQA) Audits
  • Individual Student Success Plan (ISSP)
  • Curriculum Accommodation Plan (CAP)

SchoolBrains is the global leader providing sophisticated data management, analytical and assessment solutions for PreK-12 school districts.

Our student information system is modular and customized to fit the unique needs of school districts. Some of the modules include:

  • Notification System
  • Custom Report Cards
  • Easy State Reporting
  • Standards-aligned Test Builder
  • Robust Assessment Analyzer

SchoolBrains was developed to empower educators to make well-informed decisions easily and quickly. Our SIS provides a rare synthesis of “best of breed” technology, value-added offerings and highly desirable pricing to small and medium sized school districts throughout the world.

SchoolBrains is a Top 100 product. Call today and we’ll show you why.
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